My League Story

Adrienne Bowman, President 2015-2016

Adrienne joined the league in 2011 to develop roots in the community as a young professional new to the area. The League was a warm and welcome opportunity for Adrienne to develop a network in a new place where she knew no one and was unfamiliar with the mid-Michigan area.  Adrienne's goal for this year is to continue a high level of transparency of League initiatives, and for members to have a positive league experience that meets their expectations.  Most people would be surprised to know Adrienne took ballet for 15 years.

Sara Conley, Provisional Member

Sara joined the League to be able to give something back to the community thinking there was no better way to give back than by joining an organization which focuses on community impact. Sara feels fortunate to be able to help her community while still getting to know such positive, empowering and interesting women.  Her goals for the year is to enhance her organization and leadership skills.  Sara is maried to her high school sweetheart and is blessed with 3 amazing children.

Kelli King-Penner, Marketing & Communications Committee Co-Chair, Webmaster 2015-2016

Kelli joined league in 2013 following a relocation to the Great Lakes Bay Region from Southeast Michigan.  She joined the League looking to serve her community and connect with amazing women.  Kelli's favorite League memory is the Provisional Community Tour, which focuses on local community organizations with Junior League roots.   Most people would be surprised that Kelli enjoys shooting sporting clays.  Kelli is a local attorney and is married to her husband of nearly 4 years.

Ashley Buchholz, Membership Committee Assistant Provisional Chair, 2015-2016

Ashley was introduced to the League by a friend and felt the postive community impact was a good fit for her.  Ashley has been with the League for three years and her favorite league memory was attending an Organizational Development Institute (ODI) which exposed Ashley to all the potential leadership opportunities within the League.  Ashley's favorite travel destination is San Diego, California and enjoys relaxing with some good magazines. Most people woul be surprised to learn that Ashley is 1/4 Filipino.